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  • Número de referência Número de referência 1108-66217
    Horas de serviço Horas de serviço Não especificado
  • Fornecedor

    WMT GmbH & Co.KG
    Siemensstraße 1
    46342 Velen-Ramsdorf
    Showroom Logo
  • Categoria principal

    Máquinas para trabalhar metais
  • Categoria

    Máquinas de serrar, limar e separar
  • Tipo de máquina

    Serras de fita horizontais
  • Produtor

  • Dados técnicos

    capacity 90 degrees: round
    255 mm
    capacity 90 degrees: square
    240 mm
    300 x 180
    saw band length
    2.765 x 27 x 0,9 mm mm
    table height
    870 mm
    band speed
    18 - 110 m/min
    total power requirement
    1,5/1,8 kW
    weight of the machine ca.
    0,63 t
    dimensions of the machine ca.
    1,8 x 1,85 x 1,85 m
  • Descrição

    Miter band saw, fully automatic GBS 250 Super VA-I MPS
    • Miter left. 45° automatic operation
    • Miter left. 60° semi-automatic operation
    (cuts without programming)
    • Shockproof and ergonomic control panel
    with oil-proof EPDM cover a.
    • Material height sensor c.
    (Automatic cut start detection)
    • Frame and gearbox made from one piece,
    very quiet cutting and very low vibration
    • Chip tray can be removed (disinfection)
    • Easy access to the saw, material and feed unit
    • Foldable safety cover
    • Fine feed adjustment
    • Semi-automatic. Cut!

    Saw automatically with microprocessor control
    Adjustable for 2 program levels
    Semi-automatic operation
    Fully automatic operation
    Start after entering the desired number and length: material cut-
    Cutting execution and piece counting until the program is fulfilled
    • MPS control for entering the desired number of feeds
    • All important machine data is shown on the LED display during the
    Cutting process displayed (power consumption, cutting time, number of pieces)
    • The entered data is in RAM memory
    • The autodiagnostic circuit automatically shows all irregularities
    as an error message and checks the entire process
    • Feed unit mounted floating.
    • Length adjustment via handwheel and vernier with mechanical position
    Adjustable for section lengths from 2.5 mm to 420 mm or through
    Automatic reversing can be repeated 1 - 29 times, remaining piece length 210

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