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BERG & SCHMID K-tech DG 802

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  • Número de referência Número de referência 1108-66251
    Horas de serviço Horas de serviço Não especificado
  • Fornecedor

    WMT GmbH & Co.KG
    Siemensstraße 1
    46342 Velen-Ramsdorf
    Showroom Logo
  • Categoria principal

    Máquinas para trabalhar metais
  • Categoria

    Máquinas de serrar, limar e separar
  • Tipo de máquina

    Serras de fita horizontais
  • Produtor

  • Dados técnicos

    capacity 90 degrees: round
    680 mm
    capacity 90 degrees: square
    640 mm
    capacity 45 degrees: round
    550 mm
    capacity 45 degrees: square
    550 mm
    capacity 45 degrees: flat
    550x600 mm
    capacity 60 degrees: round
    370 mm
    capacity 60 degrees: square
    370 mm
    capacity 60 degrees: flat
    370x600/450 mm
    saw band length
    7260 x 41 x 1,3 mm
    band speed
    15 - 100 m/min
    table height
    800 mm
    total power requirement
    5,5 kW
    weight of the machine ca.
    4,8 t
    dimensions of the machine ca.
    5,85 x 3,7 x 2,7 m
  • Descrição

    2-column double miter band saw for quick cutting
    with pusher system P15. Option P30
    Hydraulic saw frame lowering
    • NC controlled
    • Automatic angular positioning from + 60° to – 60°
    High quality automatic miter adjustment
    Special development for cutting profiles and beams.
    The highest positioning accuracy is achieved via the new “B&S positioning
    reached. An intelligent NC control ensures smooth interaction
    of linear encoder and self-braking positioning motor in conjunction with
    a reliable hydraulic brake using large radial center positioning.
    The work table is supported by high-quality preloaded bearings, which
    ensure very smooth rotation.
    CNC Control
    A CNC control allows the programming of up to 90 cutting programs
    with different section lengths, quantities and mitres.
    Positioning system gripping on both sides
    The B&S pusher system, feeding and positioning system, is marked “on both sides
    “Opening gripping tongs” which are hydraulically controlled. This
    ensures safe gripping and transport of materials and
    Bundles that deviate slightly from the ideal shape. The pusher system is
    constructed and ground using ball-bearing linear guides
    Rack and guided by a frequency-driven, robust geared motor.

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