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  • Número de referência Número de referência 1049-175924
    Ano de construção Ano de construção 1978
    Horas de serviço Horas de serviço Não especificado
  • Fornecedor

    Hans-Jürgen Geiger Maschinen-Vertrieb GmbH
    James-Watt-Straße 12
    72555 Metzingen
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  • Categoria principal

    Máquinas de impressão e transformação de papel
  • Categoria

    Máquinas de perfuração
  • Produtor

  • Dados técnicos

    160 t
    no. of strokes
    40 - 120 Hub/min
    sheet width
    total power requirement
    40 kW
  • Descrição

    Pressing capacity 160 ton

    Table clamping area 1,100 x 1,280 mm
    Ram clamping area 850 x 890 mm
    Distance between guides 1,120 mm
    Distance between columns (below guide ways) 1,350 mm
    Distance between Table and ram in upper position approx. 400 mm

    No. of strokes 40 - 120 /min
    Adjustment of stoke 67 / 115 / 160 mm
    Ram adjustment, motor driven 125 mm
    Ejector travel 50 mm

    Total electrical load, approx. 40 kW - 500 V - 50 Hz
    Weight, approx. 24,000 kg

    Accessories / Special Features

    * WEINGARTEN Sheet Metal Uncoiler with overhead loop control (space saving because it does not need a loop-pit). Strip width 375 mm. The loop control guides the strip-material from the uncoiler to the machine thru a straightening device with automatic supervision.
    * 8-track slide bearing guide.
    * Automatic oil-circulation lubrication.
    * Hydraulic overload protection in conjunction with the ORTLINGHAUS Clutch Brake
    * Safety doors. * Motor-driven ram adjustment 125 mm.
    * Required space: 4 x 2.2 m. Height max. 4.6 m (only press)

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